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Thames 02 (Materials)
Strange Brew Bristol & Cafe Oto, 2022

Live exploration of materials, objects and their relationships, observed and sourced from the Thames foreshore. 

Part of a research and development project that looks at archaeologies, ecologies, listening and sensing in relation to the River Thames at low-tide. This project is supported by Arts Council England.

For these installation-performances, Brigitte shared the stage with artist and collaborator Alexandra Spence, who often draws from listening encounters with the Pacific Ocean. Listen to Alex's a veil, the sea here

The Cafe Oto performance included Rie Nakajima, Lucie Stepankova, David Toop, Alex and Brigitte collectively playing one continuous performance, each drawing from individual relationships to water sources. 

Sound of Life | Sound Makers
London 2022

"Studying the acoustic properties of objects is the lifetime project of Brigitte Hart, a London-based sound artist whose works explore the relationship between ecosystems, soundscapes and society.

By analysing the sonic textures of found objects, Hart listens intently to their story and ultimately gives them new life."

Read more here

Come Home Again (Es Devlin)
Tate Modern, 2022

A series of choral performances with the London Bulgarian Choir for artist Es Devlin's illuminated choral structure which highlighted the 243 species on London's priority list - moths, birds, beetles, wildflowers, fish and fungi. This was installed in the Tate Modern garden, directly opposite St Paul's Cathedral where London-based choral groups of the diaspora performed at dusk for their own evensong of sorts, celebrating London's linguistic diversity. 

London Bulgarian Choir

More information on the artwork here

Shortwave Collective

Shortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group established in May 2020, interested in the creative use of radio. We meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to amatuer radio and the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources, considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. ​

Image: Open Wave-Receiver workshop for Soundcamp/ Reveil 2022

Thames 01 (Encounters) 
Cafe Oto, London
Performance/Installation, 2021


Live exploration of materials and encounters, observed and collected from the Thames foreshore. 

Part of a year-long research and development project that looks at archaeologies, ecologies, listening and sensing in relation to the Thames at low-tide. 

This project is supported by Arts Council England.

Event hereAction Pyramid + Li Song

Photography: Andrej Chudý

Sounding Paths
Ano Syros, Greece


Video installation '5:1 (five actions in a monastery, on a hill, on an island in the cyclades)'  was developed at the Sounding Paths residency (a Syros Sound Meetings & Syros Institute initiative) and exhibited at UNSW Galleries, Sydney, November 2018. 


'Azimuth' and 'aspects of the morning' publication launch
Cafe Oto, London


A night of readings and performances to mark the publication of two new books published by the Sonic Art Research Unit. Azimuth, the ecology of an ear, by Patrick Farmer, and aspects of the morning, by Helen Frosi.


Performance here featuring orbs of ice from the River Lea, the Cafe Oto Experimental Choir as scintillating pylons, environmental recordings and spoken word. 

HYG Oyster finger beige 2.png
brigitte hart x graham dunning 
BRÄK Festival of Improvised Music, Hundred Years Gallery, London, 2020


Duo with Graham Dunning featuring mudlarked objects from the Thames Foreshore. turntables. text.

"Graham Dunning and Brigitte Hart presented what I might dare to call an ecological investigation into the sonic properties of lost and abandoned things. Literally an archaeology of sound, Dunning’s electronic manipulations accompanied Hart’s interventions and spoken word, with contact mikes strapped to her fingers as she sifted through shopping bags of seashells and inventoried the dirt and detritus they’d mudlarked from the banks of the River Thames the day before: tooth, brown stone, silver circle, pebble (burnt)."

AJ Dehany, London Jazz News

Quartette Elastique
Tate Britain,


Four female sound artists from around the globe manipulate kitsch electronic loops with turntables, vintage synthesizers, unconventional instrumentation, nostalgic sampling and eclectic vocals.

Quartette Elastique are; Tanya Boyarkina (RUS), Lia Mazzari (ITA), Charlotte Desborough (GBR) and Brigitte Hart (AUS).


Quartette Elastique Live at The Atrium - QE
00:00 / 00:00

A Capella

An a capella performance of folk songs of lament from around the world

Thalassaki Mou (Greek)
Miss Otis Regrets
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Hebrew)
The Maid of Culmore

Australian National Anthem adaptation
Hodie (Latin)

Zalibih Si (Bulgarian, 2020 addition) 


Resonance FM All-Star Avant Gala 2020

Support for Tanya Tagaq, Corsica Studios, 2017 

Supernormal Festival 2016

CRiSAP & Resonance FM

Is it possible to stop and listen to the roses? 
@tinysound is a sound-based Instagram experiment which uses simple poetic narrative to explore the sonic properties of urban and other environments. 

In celebration of Peter Cusack's 'Berlin Sonic Places' @tinysound was invited by CRiSAP  (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) to takeover their Twitter account, exploring sites of sonic interest around Elephant and Castle, London. 

In honour of International Women's Day 2018, @tinysound was asked to contribute a piece for ResonanceFM's 24 hour broadcast of women in sound. 
buriedsound | tinytapeloops
Soundcamp/ Reveil, London, 2018


'buriedsound | tinytapeloops' is a collaboration between Alexandra Spence's 'Buried Tape Loops' and Brigitte Hart's '@tinysound' for Soundcamp/Reveil and International Dawn Chorus Day 2018.  


Over 26 days in spring, Spence and Hart buried magnetic tape on-site at Stave Hill Ecological Park. The 'burial sites' were logged and formed a sonic map of sorts which audiences could then follow, listen and read text from the results.

The project will be turned into a permanent installation for visitors to experience year-round in late 2018. 

Shipping Forecast Friday 20th June 2019 
Silver Road Presents at Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, London

An improvised interpretation of the BBC shipping forecast using text, voice, violin, longwave radio & environmental recordings. 

London Water at HYG_edited.jpg
London Water
Text Score for 'Unfinished Descriptions' exhibition
(Tomoko Hojo, Solo)
Hundred Years Gallery, London, 2018

30 sound artists from around the world were invited to create a score which reenvisions a largely undocumented work from Yoko Ono's seminal 1966 Indica Gallery exhibition, '014'. Artists were given a list of words compiled from the exhibition catalogue and other writings and asked to create a text-based score, some of which were performed live at Hojo's exhibition.

More information on 'Unfinished Descriptions' here.

This Public Address is a Treasury of Voices
Audiograft Festival, Oxford, 2018

Installation for Audiograft Festival as a site response to a cultural institution's imminent and unwanted closure. Fusion Arts Centre has been a hub for the community of East Oxford bringing together disparate voices for many decades but is now under threat from developers seeking to make use of it's now prime real estate. Audiograft Festival invited four sound-based artists to respond. 





Sonic Mmabolela

Francisco Lopez

Limpopo, South Africa

'A Murmuration'

Artist residency and workshop in the South African Savannah led by Francisco Lopez and coordinated by Barbara Ellison. 

2:30am dawn recording sessions, evening listening 'concerts' surrounded by a pack of annoyed zebras, calling to hippo's, keeping alert for crocodiles, observing the terrifying calls of baboons, maggot-riddled carcasses, hydrophone recordings of aquatic life and of course the many many bugs were some of the constituents that made up Sonic Mmabolela 2016 .  

This project was supported by the Freedman Foundation Traveling Scholarship and The National Association for Visual Arts. 

Advanced Wildlife Recording

Chris Watson and Jez Riley-French

Northumberland, England

A specialist recording workshop with wildlife recording pioneer Chris Watson (BBC, David Attenborough) and experimental microphone pioneer Jez Riley-French.


The weekend was spent with 15 other field recordists running on minimum sleep, recording dawn chorus', chasing the elusive cuckoo with wildly expensive microphones and capitalising on the majority of sounds available; wind. 


Below is the sound of the border between Scotland and England. The wind from Scotland turns the fenceline into a giant aeolian harp. 

Scotland v England - Brigitte Hart
00:00 / 00:00
Sonic Trails
Tate Modern


After hours recording session at The Tate Modern in preparation for a prototype for the development of Sonic Trails, an ongoing exhibition though the Families and Learning Program.





Window, 2014

Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire

‘Window’ is a composition that was recorded from one window over one week in the small Moroccan coastal town of Tagazhout. In this piece one is immersed into the daily life of a place that is transitioning with the changing tide of technology and influences from ‘The West’.

Amidst the cycles of everyday life in Tagazhout there is another presence at the window. Another story of transition that unfolds to mark the series of events that lead up to the arrival in Morocco and inform the psychological experience of the town.


'WIndow' was exhibited as a headphone specific piece for Supernormal Experimental Arts and Music Festival, United Kingdom, August 2014.

Window - Brigitte Hart
00:00 / 00:00

Little Stars, 2014

Instructional Performance, Melbourne

Little Stars is a binaurally recorded, chance composition, and instructional performance piece which took inspiration from events on the Gaza Strip.

Unknowing audience participants were asked to space themselves in a room around a centrepoint candle. Each were handed a piece of paper and told to read aloud three names over a five minute period.


Name 1. A child recently killed in Gaza

Name 2. A star (celestial body)

Name 3. A child rescued in clandestine kindertransport operations in WWII


This piece aims to draw attention to the act of consciously saying a name in an age of information overload and is ultimately an homage to little lives that continue to be unnecessarily lost.

00:00 / 00:00

A Scream and Outrage
Barbican, London

Live Performance

Live performance with 'Unknown Devices' for New York composer Nico Mulhy's 'A Scream and Outrage.' Unknown Devices are an experimental improvisation collective lead by David Toop.

Speaking Parts

Live Performance (Voice, Violin)

Raven Row Gallery, London

A live interpretation of 'Members Only' with David Toop and guests as part of a tribute to the late sound poet Bob Cobbing. 


'Members Only' consists of a series of alternative visual scores.



Members Only - David Toop & Co
00:00 / 00:00

'Reduced Awareness' is an experiment combining binaural microphones, environmental recordings and spoken word to present a short sonic poem.  


Locations; Cartton Safeway Supermarket, Wilsons Promintory National Park

Reduced Awareness

Electroacoustic composition, 2014

Reduced Awareness - Brigitte Hart
00:00 / 00:00

Strata, 2013

BE OPEN Sound Portal


A collaborative sound work designed for the BE OPEN Sound Portal, a portable, three-tiered, nine-channel speaker structure that has toured to some of the worlds largest cities. The composition, led by Mark Peter-Wright presented a surround sound sonic trisection of life in London and was installed on the grounds of Chelsea College of Art & Design throughout June 2013. 









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